Large pots and flowerbeds

Large pots, flowerbeds

We started our business by producing large pots and flowerbeds. With more than 20 years’ experience, we are involved in both the supply of urban greenery and the preparation of offers for individual customers – our wide range of activities helps us to meet our customers’ expectations by adapting the product to their specific needs and decorative intentions.

With innovative and proven solutions, we are able to build walls of green, allowing the interior to be greened even if it does not receive adequate sunlight. With our realisations and wide range of large concrete XL pots, we also help to beautify gardens, taking into account personalised designs.

The hallmarks of the pots we manufacture are the quality of workmanship and the selection of suitable, durable materials – thus giving our customers a guarantee of reliability, which is confirmed by our first realisations of pots, which, despite the passage of time, still fulfil their function, presenting themselves impeccably.

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